Alford Group of Parishes

Churches in the Alford Group

The Alford Group of Parishes is made up of eleven Churches. These are:

    ●  St. Wilfrid’s Church, Alford
    ●  St. Andrew’s Church, Beesby
    ●  Holy Trinity Church, Bilsby
    ●  St. Andrew’s Church, Farlesthorpe
    ●  St Andrew’s Church, Hannah with Hagnaby and St. Peter’s Church, Markby
    ●  St. James’ Church, Rigsby with Ailby
    ●  St. Margaret’s Church, Saleby
    ●  All Saints Church, Ulceby
    ●  St.. Margaret’s Church, Saleby
    ●  St. Margaret’s Church, Well
    ●  St. Helena's Church, Willoughby

St Wilfrid's church, in Alford itself, has regular weekly services which have strong attendances. At present the smaller parishes have staggered services ranging from three services a month in Bilsby, to occasional services in Farlesthorpe and Ulceby.

We have been operating as ten independent PCCs all working together through a single Group Council, but are now in process of uniting into a single PCC. Within the group there is keen involvement of the laity who are used to having some participation in services (e.g. reading lessons, leading intercessions, acting as servers and Eucharist ministers). We see this as essential in assisting our ministry team of priests, lay readers, and authorised lay ministers.

There are active Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades in Alford which are affiliated to St Wilfrid's Church.